We are holding a pre-conference at the 29th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) titled “Models and Methods to Study Psychological Well-Being”.

This pre-conference is hosted by Dr Zita Oravecz and Dr. Joachim Vandekerckhove on May 25th, 2017 in Boston, MA. We also have keynote speakers such as Dr. Carol Ryff from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Margaret Kern from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Topics presented at this pre-conference include overviews of theoretical models and measurement approaches, dynamical modeling and statistical modeling of individual differences, and intervention approaches. Broader perspectives will include assessments of well-being in health psychology and an overview of open science practices in the field.

Pre-conference schedule:

8:55 Opening remarks by the hosts

Session I: Keynote session

9:00 Carol D. Ryff: Moving the science of well-being forward: challenges & opportunities
9:40 Margaret L. Kern: Well-being measurement: new horizons, speed bumps, and pitfalls

10:20 Coffee break until 10:40

Session II: Broader perspectives on the science of well-being

10:40 Lorne Campbell: Doing open science in the field of social psychology
11:20 Madeline Pe: International standards for analysis of quality of life data in cancer

12:00 Lunch until 13:00

Session III: The dynamics of well-being

13:00 Zita Oravecz: A process model approach to capture well-being dynamics
13:40 Sy-Miin Chow: Introduction to dynamical systems modeling
14:20 Timothy Brick: Data mining approaches for the dynamics of well-being

15:00 Coffee break until 15:20

Session IV: Longitudinal studies

15:20 Saeideh Heshmati: The effect of positive psychology practices on well-being: a longitudinal study
16:00 Seth Margolis: Identifying causal effects on well-being by manipulating
personality-relevant behavior

16:40 Discussion and closing remarks until 17:00